Be part of a supportive network of mum’s in business.

Lillie Harrison Limited hosts a networking group for mums across the globe. It’s a chance for mums to get to know us and one another. Where regular guest speakers share their expertise and advice.

The aim of the network is to provide a group where mums can:

  • Find support
  • Opportunities 
  • And forge new friendships

We host area meetings twice a month. These are held either face-to-face or on Zoom. On alternate weeks we link mum’s across the GLOBE in a virtual networking meeting on Zoom.

As a member of our Mum’s networking group you will be able to: • Share your difficulties and frustrations with people who can help

  • Get useful advice to help you with your business
  • Find opportunities to share fees by working with other Mum’s
  • Share tips and information
  • Learn from the knowledge and experience of our mentors
  • Learn from the experience of your peers
  • Bounce ideas and brainstorm with someone from your own industry
  • Raise your profile in the industry
  • Make new friends
  • Gain new referrals
  • Get an introduction to your potential next client
  • Extend your contact list across the GLOBE
  • Learn more about how the Lillie Harrison Limited mentoring program could help you
  • Get to know your peers across the Globe.

Meetings last for one hour.

For only £300 a quarter you can join a meeting every fortnight. And 6 times a year you can join a meeting outside your area meeting.

Don't miss out on the chance to extend your network.

Telephone 07541 832 112 to find how you be part of the group.

Tips for networking success.
  • Greet people with a smile
  • Take time to listen to what others have to say
  • Show interest by asking questions
  • Be helpful to new members by offering to introduce them to others
  • If you are feeling nervous get there early, then you will have more time to relax
  • Prepare and practice your introduction
  • Get to know people on a personal level – it doesn’t have to all be about recruiting
  • Think of something memorable to say
  • Bring a business card if you are meeting face-to-face
  • Follow up your new connections by sending an email or organising a follow up meeting

When you network on Zoom:

  • Set up your screen in front of a window so light hits your face
  • Make sure the camera is at eye-level or higher for the most flattering shot
  • Check there’s nothing distracting in your background
  • Prepare your introduction beforehand and make it memorable
  • Prepare some useful questions and talking points
  • Ensure everyone has a chance to talk
  • Follow-up on new connections with an email after the meeting or connect on social media
  • Take your conversations further by using the chat button
  • Remember to mute your video or audio if you need to
  • If your new connection lives in another region arrange to have follow up meetings on Zoom
Why should you network with your competitors?
  • Building a relationship with someone in your industry can provide opportunities for collaboration
  • You can learn from each other’s differences
  • You could get introductions or referrals to potential new clients
  • You could make a new friend
  • They can be a valuable source of advice
  • If you can’t fill a vacancy for a client, you will know someone who can And your client is likely to remember this when they need you in the future
Did you know?

85% of vacancies are filled through networking.

Get to know your peers across the UK.
Join our recruiters’ network.
To find out more telephone
07541 832 112
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