About Us

A mentoring program for new recruits.

Our 20-week mentoring program will:

  • Help you hit your targets
  • Ensure your new employee settles in quickly
  • Encourage new starters to stay with you
  • Refresh and motivate you and your workforce

The first 13-weeks of the program is free to every candidate we place. We also offer the option of a further 7-weeks when we focus on high-performance accountability. The full 20-week program is open to candidates we have not placed.

Helping others to set up businesses.

Lillie Harrison Limited also runs the The Lillie Harrison Business Academy. As the small to medium-sized business industry continues to grow there are new opportunities for entrepreneurs to set up their own business. The Lillie Harrison Business Academy provides the information and advice needed for a smooth and successful launch.

The Lillie Harrison Business Academy:

  • Runs a 12-module online course, which guides you through founding a business
  • Has a team of experts to advise on every aspect of running a business
  • Gives members 1-2-1 calls with a mentor
  • Runs a Facebook group providing daily support for members
  • Provides members with a handy checklist for running a successful business
A specialist recruiter for flexible working roles.

Lillie Harrison Limited is an open, honest, and ethical service for employers and jobseekers. We champion flexible working and as part of our placement fee we offer a 13-week mentoring programme. We believe a healthy work life balance and the help of a mentor can lead to happier employees. And a happy workforce is a productive one.

We provide:

  • Executive Search
  • Fixed-term Recruitment
  • Permanent Recruitment

Based in Lincolnshire, Lillie Harrison Limited recruits across the UK and worldwide.

The sectors we specialise in:

  • Recruitment
  • Human Resources
  • Law

Our aim is to provide employers with:

  • A happy and productive workforce
  • Satisfied workers who will stay with your company
  • The best person for the job
And if we don’t think we can find you the right person for the job, we will tell you.
We have a 96% fulfilment rate because we stick to what we know. The UK industry average is 65%.
100% of our candidates have remained with the companies we helped recruit them to. 

Because we do the recruitment process for you, you will:

  • Save money on advertising and hiring
  • Save time doing the shortlisting process
  • Save time negotiating salaries and start dates

This means you will have more of your time and resources to spend achieving your goals.

Specialist recruiters who understand your sector.

Lillie Harrison’s recruiters have worked in Human Resources, Law, and the Recruitment Industry before joining us. This means they understand the needs of both their clients and candidates. They are up to date on the requirements and legalities of their sector. They also have the knowledge and experience to be a supportive mentor.

Lillie Harrison works only with companies that are open and honest about their business. This means we will have a better understanding about your business so we can do our job right the first time.

Save time and money and find the best candidate. Contact Lillie Harrison Limited on 07754 1832 112.

If you want to keep control of your recruitment process, we can advertise your vacancy for you. Upload your job advertisement or contact us on 07541 832 112. Please see our Privacy Notice for details of how we collect, use, and store your personal data.

Are you looking for a new job?

We will help you:

  • Find the positions that fit around your lifestyle
  • Earn the salary you deserve
  • Prepare for a successful interview
  • Become a success in your new role

Get that new dream job.

Upload your CV today.
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Please see our Privacy Notice for details on how we collect, use, and store your personal data.

Would you like a better work-life balance?

Do you want to work the hours that suit you? Do you want to work from home for part of the week?

Lillie Harrison Limited is a specialist in the flexible working market. And we will find you the job with the hours that suit you. It’s our mission to show companies that offering flexible hours can work for them.

Flexible working is at the heart of Lillie Harrison. Every member of the Lillie Harrison team can work flexibly by choosing the hours that fit their lifestyle. Our motivated workforce and high staff morale prove there’s no reason to stick to the nine-to-five.

Have a happier workforce with flexible working.

Are you missing out on talent because you are not offering flexible hours? Have you lost valuable staff members because their working hours don’t fit? Companies that offer flexible work patterns have a happier and more productive workforce.

According to the CIPD flexible workers:

  • Have improved job satisfaction
  • Lower absence rates
  • Higher productivity
  • Less stress and fewer mental health problems
  • Stay with their employer for longer
Meet the Managing Director.

Stacey Davey set up Lillie Harrison Limited in 2015 after working in recruitment for more than 20 years. She wanted to establish an ethical agency with open and honest recruiters. And she had found a need for a niche recruiter in flexible working.

Stacey a mother of four, believes by working in the sectors they know best, recruiters will be successful in finding the right candidates. She found her niche as a recruiter in flexible working as she was meeting more and more candidates wanting just that.

Stacey began her career as a trainee recruiter, and went on to specialise in REC2REC and Human Resources. Stacey has a reputation for filling positions worldwide. As a mentor she uses her experience and knowledge to help others achieve their goals.

“Stacey has been amazing throughout my recruitment process, nothing was too much trouble and she never gave up on what turned out to be a challenging vacancy to fill. She was always on the end of the phone to talk things through and help, I would definitely recommend Lillie Harrison Recruitment.”

Dan Laws, Manager at Nettl Scunthorpe